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Humboldt University
Institute of Social Sciences
Section for Macro-Sociology

Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

jan [at] fuhse [dot] net

I will work at the University of Passau as a replacement professor for sociology in the summer (April to September).

Fresh from the press:

"New Media and Socio-Cultural Formations" Cybernetics & Human Knowing 25(4), 7396, in a special issue on Media Effects organized by Steffen Roth and Markus Heidingsfelder.

Netzwerke in gesellschaftlichen Feldern (edited with Karoline Krenn), Wiesbaden: SpringerVS 2019, 308 pages.

And a little earlier:
Soziale Netzwerke; Konzepte und Forschungsmethoden; 2. überarbeitete Auflage, Konstanz: utb (UVK) 2018, 224 pages.
Second revised edition!

"Deconstructing and Reconstructing Social Networks" in: François Dépelteau (Hg.): Handbook of Relational Sociology, New York: Palgrave 2018, 457-479.